Add these 5 Great Construction Podcasts to your Playlist

There is no denying that the dawn of the digital age has made our busy to-do-lists easier to complete. Multi-tasking is on the rise and one easy, relaxing and time saving way to do your research and stay up to date with the latest in any trend or field, is to listen to podcasts. This all while completing your goals for the day!

The following podcast offer a wide range of opinions and topics for whatever your construction business might need. We hope it will be a great source of development and growth.

1. Construction Brothers

Find it on: Apple Podcasts | Overcast | Spotify

Great for:  Contractors, architects, and consultants

Aim: This podcast is filled with knowledge and great entertainment. The presenters, Eddie and Tyler Campbell’s passion for construction stretches over 6 generations and they are not afraid to tackle a wide range of topics in the construction field. If you’re having a relaxed afternoon tune into the 45minute full episode OR opt for their 8 minute episode snippets.

2. Future construct

Find it on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

Great for:  VDC-ers, construction technologists, and IT pros working in construction

Aim: The founder of EndeavorVR, Amy Peck, host a range of interesting interviews with some of the most influential entrepreneurs.

3. Contractor cents

Find it on: Apple Podcasts | Podbean

Great for:  Business, sales, and marketing

Aim: This podcast focuses on the details of running a contracting business. It is great for small business owners, but bigger contractors can also benefit.

4. Construction life

Find it on: Amazon Music | Apple Podcasts | Spotify and YouTube channel.

Great for:  Practical, hardworking, tradespeople

Aim: Giving you the true image of construction, Manny, Mike and Carlito are not afraid to talk about “the good, the bad and the ugly” when it comes to the construction industry. These guys are definitely not afraid to have those tough conversations or to bring their own opinions to light.

5. The Contech crew

Find it on: Apple Podcasts | Spreaker | Spotify

Great for:  Construction professionals who want to keep up with the latest news and devlopments

Aim: The latest scoop on the latest technology in the field. This podcast aims to inspire and entertain. The hosts are unapologetic and honest. It is a good place to find true opinions.

So the next time your on your way to the site or stuck in traffic on your way home, make it a inspirational, learning experience to enjoy. Blast your favourite podcast over the radio or grab the earphones and be uplifted!

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